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DESMA SmartRemain supports preventive maintenance and the repair of equipment. The operating hours counter is used to propose necessary measures. The system has an operating hours or calendardependent trigger function. 

Brief instructions and maintenance information, such as required tools or wearing parts are made available. Functions for the assignment of operator, maintenance and administration personnel are included too. The integrated traffic light logic in the Customer Cockpit provides an overview of the machine’s maintenance status at any time.

Maintenance efficiency can be optimized by a note function and the associated internal learning process. The status information can also be linked to SmartFocus as a basis for the timely procurement of parts via SmartShop.

Benefit from SmartRemain

  • Intelligent maintenance management for optimized production processes.
  • A user-friendly traffic light logic enables a structured control overview.
  • Internal or external maintenance measures can be initiated on time.
  • Transparent maintenance budgeting.
  • Minimized downtime by production-related planning assurance.


SmartDevice, software update