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Requirements for SmartConnect 4.U

Please have this filled in by the IT department

(DESMA machine with the controller DRC 2020 HT, DRC 1210, DRC 1010 or DRC 2010)

IT request form (neu)

Contact Person IT
DESMA SmartWall

DESMA SmartWall


We are offering maximum security due to a pre-configured industrial firewall as well as a safe network separation of internal machine network and external WideAreaNetwork.

Please complete the following information so we can make corresponding preparations for the DESMA SmartWall.


The following machines should be equipped with DESMA SmartConnect 4.U:

You are able to enter data for up to 10 machines. Fields for further machines will appear after filling out a machine.





The following information are only needed for first-time installation!
If there is already a SmartDevice installed at one of your DESMA machine, the following information are not necessary.

Our combination of hardware and software forms the basis for the SmartConnect 4.U products and enables the machine networking via LAN / WLAN. By an encoded VPN tunnel we ensure maximum data security.

The possibility of an internet access at the machine is a necessary condition.

Please complete the form.

WAN IP address for SmartDevice

A connection to the HTTPS-Port 443 via WAN has to be possible.
Firewall rule: TCP/IP Port: 443 (HTTPS) destination IP address:

LAN IP adresse

Hint: A connection to the Port 7778 (SSL-VPN) via LAN has to be possible.
Firewall rule: TCP/IP Port: 7778 destination IP address: IP address you provided