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SmartConnect 4.U


DESMA and Industry 4.0. The intelligent networking of existing and future data sources and analysis results permits us to develop new products, services and business models and also to blaze the trail for more efficient operational processes. Our customers capitalize on it in various ways: 

  • Production plants can raise their value creation and competitiveness.
  • New business models based on big data enable a variable or quantity-oriented production. 
  • The ease of network compatibility allows self-learning, self-optimizing and self-controlling production flows.
  • New devices and systems realize a higher plant and machine uptime with a more transparent and improved product quality.
  • Employees at modern and ergonomically workplaces make their contribution to the company success with joy and enthusiasm.

Networking products and processes. The development of intelligent products and optimized processes by means of integrated machine data and a decentralized production control makes a better production quality possible. A claim that is of course met by the market leader DESMA in conjunction of growing customer demands and dynamic market developments.

Grundbreaking DESMA solutions. DESMA SmartConnect 4.U encompasses leading Industry 4.0 business models and our vision “DESMA SmartConnect For You”. This brand name refers to our range of smart products which intelligently network machines, components, applications as well as systems. Thus opens up entirely new opportunities for our customers:

  • SmartLine – the online support
  • SmartShop – the online shop for replacement parts
  • SmartPage – the electronic machine file
  • SmartFocus – the machine state monitoring
  • SmartApp – the mobile data access
  • SmartRemain – the intelligent maintenance management
  • SmartTraining – the e-training platform
  • SmartTrace – the article as an information carrier
  • SmartSet – the data record management
  • SmartFace – the interface to customer systems
  • SmartPower – the measurement of consumables

Requirement for the full scope of functions 

  • Machine internet connection via SmartDevice
  • Machine controls DRC 1010, DRC 1210, DRC 2010, DRC 2020 HT (Bachmann control systems)
  • OP client DRC 2020 HT (available at K 2016)